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A brief history...

Back in early '97, my friend Vijay Iyer suggested that we could make everyone's life a whole lot easier if we figured out how to port cgi applications from Linux to the Mac with minimal difficulty. Vijay suggested that we demo at the upcoming CS Fair at school. We procrastinated as long as possible and in the last days before the deadline the initial version emerged in all its orginal glory.


The CGI Assimilator is a code library which brings support for ANSI CGI scripts to the Mac. This library allows one to write a CGI script in standard C/C++ and compile it on the Mac for use with several different web servers, including the following:

The key is that the programmer does not need to know any Macintosh specifics to create a working script- the library handles all of the background tasks automatically.

CGI Assimilator is a library and as such, it requires a compiler to be of any use. What makes it particularly obnoxious is its low level integration with the Metrowerks Standard Library (MSL). This basically means the the code may need minor, but esoteric changes. The latest version of the code was updated for CodeWarrior Pro 6.

Since the library is currently totally dependent on using CodeWarrior, the precompiled versions have project stationery for CGI applications.

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