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PathFinderHack.tgz (for developers)

Finder functionality is hard wired into various parts of OS X so better alternatives like PathFinder lack some key integration.
Keep running the Finder, or avoid ...
Better Solution:
Try to patch a few instances of the hard wired effect.

1. What It Does

PathFinderHack is a SIMBL plugin that patches Apple's Cocoa applications to replace the main document drag button. It retargets the open event from the Finder to PathFinder

2. Installing

The PathFinderHack code is just a compressed bundle. You will need to have SIMBL already installed.

Drop the bundle into /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins. It will work equally well in the user domain ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins. Restart any Cocoa application to try it out.

3. Caveats

  1. This only catches one way in which applications use the Finder. Other parts of certain applications, like Safari's downloads window, use another mechanism for calling the Finder.

4. Questions | Comments | Feedback

Please feel free to contact me via email - I'm interested to hear your criticisms and thoughts.

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5. Revision History

v0.1 - released 2003-08-25