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PithHelmet Rule Editor - Sample Site Preferences - Advanced

Remove referrer header
This will strip the HTTP referrer header. This isn't super useful, but can be handy for hiding data and confounding various online tracking mechanisms.
Machete script

Machete scripts let you "chop up" a web site and have your way with it. Basically it allows data flowing back from a web site (http server) to be altered before it is rendered by Safari. This might not seem all that useful, but it is extremely powerful. It is so powerful that it can be dangerous. It is turned off by default and no Machete scripts are shipped in the default rule set.

To really use Machete, you need to have some knowledge of *nix style scripting with Perl or Python. The Amazon rule in the Sample Rules folder included in the installation contains a small script that shows how to trivially filter out an unpleasant bit of javascript from Amazon's web site. The potential is quite impressive - you could quite conceivable use Machete to fix bugs in various web sites by re-writing portions of the pages as you see fit.